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A Veronica Mars podcast hosted by a self-professed super fan and a fledgling Marshmallow. New episodes post Thursdays.

July 11, 2019

Episode 22 - I Know What Happened

It's finale time, marshmallows! This week we celebrate the excellence that is S1xE22, "Leave it to Beaver." Sex, lies, and videotape. Veronica solves the murder of Lilly Kane, but not without betraying someone she cares for—and putting her own life at risk. We chat all about Sean's reaction to the killer, that paternal revelation (and maternal betrayal), and who might be at Veronica's door at 3AM.

July 4, 2019

Episode 21 - What Happened That Night

We're in the homestretch, marshmallows! One more episode until the FINALE! But today we're walking through S1xE21 "A Trip to the Dentist." You want to know how I lost my virginity? Veronica once asked. So do I. Determined to discover who drugged and assaults her at Shelly Pomroy’s party and year and a half ago, Veronica shifts through conflicting stories to find the truth. Plus, will Logan ever catch a break? And finally, FINALLY, V brings Wallace into the fold. Cue Corey's heart bursting. Listen in!

June 27, 2019

Episode 20 - Popsicle Girl

This week we're talking about S1xE20 "M.A.D." Veronica plots to stop a friend’s vengeful ex-boyfriend from posting a salacious video, while the Kanes offer a $50,000 reward to get a runaway Duncan back home and our little LoVe boat hits a rough patch. Also Sean tries out a few couple names for Keith and Alicia (Akeitha?) much to Corey's horror and we give Cliff McCormick some much overdue love.

June 20, 2019

Episode 19 - Community Soap

This week we're chatting about S1xE19 "Hot Dogs." Veronica's search for a classmate's missing terrier uncovers a terrible operation, while elsewhere, Aaron Echolls confronts Trina's abusive asshole boyfriend, Weevil is arrested after breaking into Lilly's room, and Keith wrestles with whether he's Veronica's father. Plus lots of dog talk, embarrassing high school crushes, and another installment of Sean's "Top 10 Troy Vandegraffs."

June 13, 2019

Special Episode - ATX TV Festival Presents Veronica Mars

It's Thursday, marshmallows, and we've got a special treat for you! This week we're chatting about the Veronica Mars panel at ATX TV Festival, which we were lucky enough to attend. We talk about what was said, what we're most excited about, and even better--you can hear from fellow marshmallows like yourself! We're so grateful for everyone who spoke with us, and we hope you enjoy their walks down memory lane and their enthusiasm for the revival as much as we did!

June 6, 2019

Episode 18 - The One Where They Kiss

Time to set sail on the LoVe boat, marshmallows! This week's all about that kiss but also maybe S1xE18 "Weapons of Class Destruction." A new student is under suspicion when bomb threats lead to school evacuations, but Veronica just might have more pressing things to deal with as her and Wallace cope with unexpected news from their parents. But also JTT, Sean's prediction corner, and THE KISS. You know you want to hear Sean's reaction. Join us!

May 30, 2019

Episode 17 - Orgy of Tension

This week we talk S1xE17 "Kanes and Abel's." Veronica tracks down Abel Koontz’s daughter while, elsewhere, someone is hell-bent on making sure Neptune’s valedictorian doesn’t win the Kane scholarship. Plus Vinnie Van Lowe has arrived and Corey can't shut up about him! Listen in!

May 23, 2019

Episode 16 - Polly Want A Payback

We've got spirit, yes we do! And this week we're talking S1xE16 "Betty and Veronica." The school mascot is birdnapped just before the big game, and everyone—Wallace included—vows revenge. And while Veronica has found her mother, it leads to even more puzzling pieces of Lilly’s murder. So grab your moms and foam fingers, and join us!

May 16, 2019

Episode 15 - Wang Chung or I’ll Kick Your Ass

Love is in the air, marshmallows! This week we're talking S1xE15 "Ruskie Business." When a lovesick Russian internet-order bride hopes to find her former fiancé, Veronica takes the case. Then there's Meg and her secret admirer, Leo D'Amato treading the gray age-gap area, and Logan's search for his mom ends in a family reunion he least expects. Pop in your earbuds and join us!

April 25, 2019

Episode 14 - Sweet Knees

This week we're discussing S1xE14, "Mars vs. Mars." When one of Veronica’s favorite teachers is accused of sexual misconduct, she works to exonerate him while Keith finds details that discredit him. Both can’t be right. News about Logan's mom doesn't look good--or does it?--and Weevil just might be the best character on this show. Join us!